Call for Mentors!

BTV’s Mentoring program needs more mentors! If you’ve got a couple years experience in/adjacent to Security & can spare 30mins every 2 weeks to give back to the community, let us know! You’ll also have the opportunity to speak on panels, give lightning talks & more!

To submit, select “Mentor” on the Meet-a-Mentor Intake Form.


Blue Team Village’s Meet-a-Mentor program seeks to bring together mentors and mentees based on shared experiences and areas of interest in order to develop the mentee’s goals and career skills, help them address and overcome challenges in their career and/or workplace, and also to broaden the mentor’s perspectives and mentoring skills. You have the option to sign up to be a mentor or mentee (there will be a waitlist for this portion), or you can choose to be a community participant without being matched.

Whether or not you opt to be paired with a mentor/mentee, you will have access to regular meetups, program-specific content and events. There are monthly meetups open to all participants, usually consisting of panel discussions, BTV-hosted content, or lightning talks submitted by mentors and mentees. The vast majority of program content is hosted on BTV’s Discord server, which contains a role-restricted section for the program.

We expect all mentors and mentees to agree to the DEF CON Code of Conduct, which Blue Team Village maintains. In addition, we expect mentors and mentees to respect each other’s time as this is a volunteer-driven program, and to maintain an open mind specifically with respect to others’ differing experiences in the workplace and in the tech/hacker community. Harassment and inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. If you are experiencing harassment from another participant in this program, you can reach out to any of the Village staff, or report to BTV Directors and the core mentor team via the Meet-a-Mentor feedback form if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Matching-specific info: Potential mentors will be vetted by Blue Team Village staff and existing mentors. One on one mentoring matches are designed to last for a period of 3-6 months.

Information collected as part of the mentor matching process is completely optional but recommended for better matching and improvement of program content. This information is retained by BTV for as long as is necessary to match mentors and mentees, and will then be removed. Information can also be removed by request via the feedback form.

Detailed program information is maintained here, containing the following documents:

How to Sign Up:

  • Fill out the Meet-a-Mentor Intake Form
  • Join the BTV Discord server
  • We normally onboard in batches, so please expect a 2-4 week wait to be added to the community role in Discord.
  • NOTE: mentor + mentee matching wait times can be upwards of 6-9 months, and we are actively looking for more mentors to improve this!